About Tanay

Who is Tanay?

I am a Queens, NY native who works as a child therapist at the Child Center of New York and a news writer for AllHipHop.com.  

Do you have any other degrees?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Norfolk State University (2011), Master of Social Work degree from New York University (2013) and a Master of Arts in Journalism from Hofstra University (2015).

What publications have you written for?

I’ve written for NYU and Norfolk State’s school newspapers where I’ve covered news and features. I also did an internship at VIBE and VIBE Vixen where I conducted interviews, aggregated news and wrote lists pertaining to current events in the entertainment news. 

What are your skills?

I am proficient in Final Cut Pro, content management systems and Microsoft Office. I have a basic level of understanding of Adobe Photoshop as well.

Career Goals?

I hope to work as a music editor for a major music publication or website.

Where can more of your work be seen?

For more of my interviews, concert reviews, videos and lists, please visit tanayhudson.com

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